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Make the most out of your team!

In Skills Charts, a company can set up a business profile and create “skill bundles” that cover specific positions. For example, the position of a Web Designer usually requires a specific bundle of skills (CSS3, HTML5, Adobe Photoshop, sass, etc). Skills Charts not only allows a company to create a bundle and assign it to a position, but also allows to define the importance of each skill needed in the bundle. E.g. in the Web Designer Position above, knowing CSS3 and HTML5, is more important for a company than SASS. The company can define the level of importance of each skill when creating a bundle and thus when Professionals are reviewed, they are automatically ranked based on their own ranking (per skill) as well as per the weight factors that the company has defined per skill in the bundle.

Furthermore, a company can make use of its employees’ skills profiles while they are under its payroll (e.g. to showcase the skills extent available in the company portfolio). However, if an employee leaves a company, his/her skills are automatically disconnected from the company’s skill profile. The link to a company is controlled by both parties (both parties need to agree, while only one party is enough to disconnect the two professional-company).

In this way, a company can have a birds eye view on the company’s skills capacity and make better decisions on hiring (e.g. to cover specific needs) or getting engaged in specific projects (which require specific skills) or deciding on training for its employees in order to cover skills on request.

Have a clear picture of your team’s skills and knowledge

Improve your team’s weaknesses

Capitalize your team’s strengths for new projects

Evaluate and reward your employees fairly

Find new trends, technologies, and tools

Find the perfect candidate for a new job