At SkillsCharts you can register with two different ways:

  1. As a Professional,
  2. As a Company

Opening an account as a Professional

This is the most common type of accounts that are being created at SkillsCharts. It is the account used by most of the Professionals visiting

If you are a Professional looking to apply for a job, been discoverable by Employeers and Partners or be able to benefit from all the other services offered or that are planned to be offered (like, skill trends), select the “Register as a Professional” option.


Opening an account as a Company

If you are a Company Owner looking to register with a company account, so that you can Post Job Openings and also Invite your Company Employees to have a full picture of your company’s skills, select the “Register as a Company”  option.

The process to register a new company does two things at once:

  1. Creates a new Professional Account
  2. Creates a new Business Account