September 29, 2020
SkillsCharts | Most Demanding Skills In Post Pandemic Era

What are the most demanding skills in the post-pandemic era?

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like in the post-coronavirus era? Well, no one knows for sure, but one thing is certain, the […]
September 25, 2020
SkillsCharts | How to score an Interview

How to score an Interview

Recruiters often have hundreds, or even thousands of resumes to parse through. If you want to be one of those who make it to the interview […]
September 24, 2020
SkillsCharts | Top Skills in Digital Era

Top skills in the digital era

Skills are the abilities a person has, to perform activities in a competent manner. Skills can be classified into many categories like Hard skills, Soft skills, […]
September 17, 2020
Skills Charts | How to develop your skills

How to develop your skills

In the digital era, that everything is moving fast, it is easy to lose track if you do not stay up to date with the new […]